SickKids Cellular Therapy Facility: Faster Access to Lifesaving Therapies

The Krawczyk Family Foundation proudly supported the construction of the Cellular Therapies Facility at SickKids. Completed in the summer of 2021, this state-of-the-art facility is a physical hub for the discovery and clinical application of immunotherapies.

Most children with leukemia respond well to traditional chemotherapy. But the odds of survival are low for those kids who do not respond to treatment or whose cancer returns. Hope lies in the evolving field of immunotherapy, specifically, cellular therapy called CAR T-cell therapy.

The SickKids Cellular Therapies Facility at SickKids means faster, better access to life-saving cellular therapies for patients and more flexibility to innovate and develop new cures in the future.

Photo Credit: SickKids & iStock