My Baby and Me: Life-Changing Care at St. Michael’s Hospital

St. Michael’s Hospital is a pioneer in improving people’s health by making health equity a cornerstone of medical practice. The dedicated My Baby and Me team at St. Michael’s Hospital aims to care for the whole person during pregnancy with seamless, nonjudgmental support for moms-to-be dealing with poverty, homelessness, substance use, and discrimination.

The Krawczyk Family Foundation has committed $500,000 to expand and operate the program for the next five years, providing life-changing care to women when they need it most. The gift will fund full-time support from the team’s social worker and everyday essentials, like vouchers for meals, groceries, prenatal vitamins, and transit for the program’s clients.

Photo Credit: Rhyann and her son, Westley. Jasmine Saleh (Social Worker), Dr. Nirmala Chandrasekaran (Obstetrician), Dr. Erin Lurie (Family Physician) by Kevin Spurgaitis.