February 20, 2019

THE KRAWCZYK FAMILY FOUNDATION Contributes Lead Donation to the Campaign for a New Anishnawbe Health

Two things surprised Alexandra and Brad Krawczyk when they had first heard about the campaign for a new Anishnawbe Health Toronto health centre. First, they were surprised to find out that the new health centre was not already completely funded and second, that in Canada, less than 1% of charitable donations support Indigenous initiatives. The Krawczyk Family Foundation is working to change this narrative by investing in the campaign to build a new health centre and reclaim traditional healing practices for the Indigenous Community in Toronto. With their amazing pledge of $2 million to the campaign, this family became the lead donor to Anishnawbe Health Foundation’s campaign.

“Our family is honoured to be involved with this vital campaign to support healing and reconciliation in our city,” said Alex and Brad. “Through Alex’s work as a public health nurse, we have seen first-hand the work that Anishnawbe Health Toronto does to address the barriers to good health including poverty, homelessness and trauma.”

Alex has spent many years devoted to health care including as a nursing student in Toronto and in Fort Albany First Nation along the James Bay coast. The fly-in community was home to the St. Anne’s Indian Residential School. During her time in Fort Albany, Alex also spent time with Justice Murray Sinclair during the Truth and Reconciliation Commission testimonies. For two days, she listened to the testimony from survivors and witnesses. The experience furthered her commitment to helping the Indigenous community in Canada.

After being contacted by Senator Linda Frum, Alex and Brad took a tour of the current health centre and met with various AHT staff, including Traditional Healer, James Carpenter. Alex explains, “For our family, it was a natural fit to help. To see Anishnawbe Health grow into an organization that can serve more Indigenous peoples and increase capacity is long overdue. It’s an important project that needs support and we can do better and help it grow.”

Hear Alex speak about why her family chose to support Anishnawbe Health.

For more information on how you can join the Krawczyk family in supporting the work of our Foundation, please visit our campaign page here.

Photo Credit: Anishnawbe Health